Project: "American Barrels Bourbon"
Designer(s): Dan Matauch, Tracey Barraco, Dennis Nalezyty, United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: American Barrels Small Batch Whiskey is developed for the American Bourbon Whiskey drinker. The rattlesnake, a symbol of American independence which dates back to the American Revolution, coils around the tailored, shotgun shell-shaped bottle. The bottom of the bottle is finished off with a custom-adhered base representing the copper casing of a shotgun shell. The closure is a wood bar-top cork and the neck is dressed with a leather strap. This bottle embodies the never-say-die fighting spirit of the United States and the small batch whiskey is perfect for any occasion. American Barrels Small Batch Whiskey is a 90-proof taste of Americana, with a light, ultra-smooth flavor.

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