Project: "Master of Arts in Design"
Company:Toni Egger Produktdesign
Designer(s): Toni Egger Product Design, Germany
Category: Home Interior Products, Professional
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Entry Description: This furniture was a cooperation with the last wood blending company of Switzerland, the Winkler AG. The old technique of blending massive wood with steam was invented by Michael Thonet in the 1830s. My challenge was it to design a product using this fascinating traditional handicraft technique in an contemporary modern way. The result is a table that is produced by traditional craft and also modern CNC technique. A valuable, elegant and high functional furniture that satisfies the requirements of the post industrial society. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SSB1DMrHVk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cC4aeq8wULQ Material: massive walnut, brass, belt webbing Dimensions: 235 / 85 / 73cm

About the Designer/Company
Formation 2012-2014 Master of Arts in Design, Institut Integrative Design University Basel / Switzerland. www.masterstudiodesign.ch 2007-2010 Akademy of Arts and Crafts, Gut Rosenberg, Aachen / Germany www.gut-rosenberg.de 2010 advanced training to get the highest titel in handcrafts, „master joiner“ in Aachen / Germany 2004-2006 apprenticeship as cabinetmaker 2003 secondary school Wangen i.A. Work experience 09.2012 - 04.2014 Teaching and superviseing at the modelbuilding studio of the Institut for Integrative Design, University for design and art, Basel / Switzerland. 07.2011 - 02.2012 working as designer at Joinery Martin Bereuter in Bregenzerwald / Austria. www.tischlereibereuter.at 2004-2006 apprenticeship as cabinetmaker with the EU- program „Leonardo Da Vinci“ in three different countries of Europe: -Joinery Gasser Sarnthein, Südtirol, Italy -Joinery Perfil Cortes de la Frontera, Spanien -Joinery Egger Hergensweiler, Lindau am Bodensee, Germany 2003-2004 alternative civilian service in Argentina asistent of the teacher in a professional school educateing young craftsmen, foundation for young indigen people, Santiago del Estero Argentina.