Project: "Danny Chiu Interior Designs Limited"
Company:Danny Chiu Interior Designs Limited
Designer(s): Danny Chiu Interior Designs Limited, Chiu Chi Ming Danny, Hong Kong
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Entry Description: This office has an approximately 110 square meters and situated at the heart of a commercial area of Hong Kong. To create a sense of metropolis, the main theme is an open style and matched pretty well with a black and walnut color scheme. A touch of metropolis in the Director’s Room was generated by a shot of Manhattan downtown. Whereas, the use of black and walnut colors expressed a sense of stylish.

About the Designer/Company
Danny Chiu Interior Designs Ltd is a professional design firm with expertise in space planning and interior design. We are specialized in project management from conceptual design to renovation construction. Our project references included Hong Kong and Mainland China residences, offices, hotels, retail outlets and show flats, club house, restaurant and beauty salon as well. Based in Hong Kong, aims to provide the best service as well as the best workmanship with cost effectiveness. Danny Chiu, the Design Director leading teams of professional interior designers and experienced contractors in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou to provide a functional and environment to work or live in full comfort.