Project: "Lagoon sinks"
Designer(s): EXONAUTE, United States
Category: Home Interior Products, Professional
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Entry Description: Inspired by the Antelope canyon in Arizona, USA, and the raging force of water and wind sculpting inexorably the surrounding rocks, Lagoon is a modular bathroom program (made in Corian “Glacier White”). Developed around four standard sink shapes, each sink can be customized and combined together as to accommodate customers space requirements. Corian has been a material of choice to deliver an extensive language between forms, customization and virtually maintenance free product. Lagoon represents the metaphor of a re-engineered sense of nature in the house while remaining a highly functional bath fixture.

About the Designer/Company
Exonaute (literally “the outer explorer”) is a design agency funded in 2014 by French designer and entrepreneur Alex Vitet. The agency is mainly focusing on Product, Digital and Branding innovation that serve a national and international clientele. We are mature dreamers that understand how to implement dreams into high value core markets. Our work place is a fresh and dynamic environment located in the greater Boston area, Massachusetts, where creative juice and entrepreneurship connect together to make a better world.