Project: "Chair from recycled materials"
Company:Cranbrook School
Designer(s): Maks Szewczyk from Cranbrook School, Australia
Category: Other Interior designs, Student
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Entry Description: This is my Year 9 Visual design/High school project at Cranbrook school in Sydney. My chair was a project that I undertook in year 9 for Visual Design. My brief was to create an object or artwork out of recycled materials that was fully functional. I was inspired by the hundreds of tubes that I had been collecting from my dad from a young age and thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to create something out of them. After settling on the idea of a chair I created two negatives of a person sitting and began gluing my tubes to this. After several layers I began to flatten the base so that it sat stably on the floor. Because the chair is purely constructed from cardboard tubes and glue it is extremely light and can easily be moved to different positions. It is also comfortable to sit on because it is ergonomically shaped as a person sitting.

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