Project: "The boutique hotel home"
Designer(s): DSOD, Singapore
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: An old concept; “Boutique theme hotel” reflected many sophisticated identity. Rebellious yet impressive. The owners of this house encapsulate the essence of this metaphorical and refurnished it into a radical home space. This space has gradually opened up into a modern retro-industrial experience and the intriguing component with many of the sub-urban context has been carefully reinterpreted. For instance, ventilation block and concrete pattern was introduced and redefined to ponder the preservation of an old-building. With these fine details, every room visually exhibited an interconnection through a melodious experience. The permutation of the home space was to transform the unwanted spaces into a monastic simplicity in a dramatic technique that invites all visitors. The instant appearance encircles a same style but different concept statement which strongly converts the echoes to a series of collectable space. However there are certain practical and spiritual aspects to be capped by the owners, perhaps in a way, it did not tarnished the look and yet compliment a conversation between the nature and the sub-urban.

About the Designer/Company
Don Lin graduated in Nanyang academy of fine arts, in 2004. He is in this industrial for more than 9 years and his work has been recognised all over the countries that enable him to win numerous international awards, include the Italy A-design awards and China most successful awards. His philosophy principle was “Every project has to be award winning and in order to be award winning, you have to love and trust what you are doing”, with this attitude, he have won many clients’s trust. Through his years of experience, he always explores new ways to integrate an organizing idea with the programmatic and functional essence of an interior. Rather than imposing a style upon different clients, the unique characteristic was to anchor a joyful experience that extends an ecological innovation. Don appreciate talking with clients because is where he carefully listen to their lifestyle. In his works, often describe as art of simplicity; simple yet unconventional. Through his years of experience, he noticed, the nature of design often starts with “budget”. Many designers relate; good finance resources meaning good design. However he firmly believes; if you can’t achieve good design, achieve small opportunity in a great way. With this, he has managed to cling his first award in Milan, proving him that anything is possible. He envisions his design discipline as; “When comes to residential, is not about designing a concept but rather a lifestyle” “When comes to commercial, is not about designing a product but rather a packaging”