Project: "3.5.7 = THREE FIVE SEVEN = STEP BY STEP"
Company:Atelier Van Praet
Designer(s): "Frans Leon Van Praet - Atelier Van Praet", "Unidoor", Belgium
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: TABLE: 3-5-7 = THREE - FIVE - SEVEN 3-5-7 = STEP BY STEP 3-5-7 = THREE IN ONE This asymmetrical table has specific characteristics such as: °The the table legs are integrated into the tabletop and became a mayor part of the whole design °The legs are as such integrated to keep space for 2 persons between 2 legs and enough space at the corners. Therefore the table obtains a larger uniformity and provides a particular dynamic and a high stability The table can be used: °as smal eat and work table with 3 legs (100 X 140 cm) °as eat or dinner table with 5 legs (100 X 270 cm) °as conference table with 7 legs (100 X 400 cm) Material: wood – massif European types of wood and lacquer

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