Project: "L║ATELIER"
Designer(s): Marina PortÚ, Laura Aguilar, Janire Zamora, Spain
Category: Print, Student
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Entry Description: Creation of a new brand identity and packaging line for molecular gastronomy gourmet products , applying science to culinary practice and more specifically the gastronomic phenomenon . The objective was to search an opportunity to highlight our brand through the creation of a new brand essence that involves a strong brand personality, supported by the creation of distinctive visual elements. The name of L║ATELIER refers to the place where the artist works and developes his creations , betting by the innovation , the concept of design and the creation of new experiences . the project search comunicate the sophistication of haute cuisine and democratize this to a wider audience, through the upper band -in silver and gold, depending on the type of food- , introduces us to the kitchen as a creation workshop . * Metallic foil printing technique.

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