Project: "House with a large hipped roof"
Company:Naoi architecture & design office
Designer(s): "Naoi Katsutoshi", "Naoi Noriko", Japan
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: This is a house for a family of four, situated on one of the lots for sale at a newly developed area in “satoyama” or semi-natural woodlands. The land is too large for a simple program requested by the client: a private house with a garage for two cars. Taking advantage of the large site area, we proposed a spacious one-story house that is open to the surrounding neighborhood, based on a design concept of “connecting space to nature”. The large roof may be designed as homage to a mountain in the natural landscape that was lost during the development process. However, we expect that this house will give a good inspiration in creating a better community, by proposing a comfortable living environment where people and nature co-exist to make a comfortable life under a large roof.

About the Designer/Company
Katsutoshi Naoi 1973 Born in IBARAKI 1996 Graduated from Toyo University / worked at Fujisawa Yoichiro Architects 1998 Worked at R&K partners 2000 Okumura Kazuyuki Architects 2002 Established Naoi architecture & design office Noriko Naoi 1972 Born in Tokyo 1994 Graduated from Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University/worked at Studio 4 1996 Worked at Inter design associates 2002 Established Naoi architecture & design office