Project: "Greenfields"
Company:Mon Deco
Designer(s): Mon Deco, Hong Kong
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Designer totally demolished the ground floor staircase and re-built it with re-scaled and re-structured on all steps, which made a new appearance on the ground floor, it became a focal point beautiful and seamless staircase at the living and dining room. The original large windows which is a special character of the house, it brought the green outdoor natural tree landscape into the room, making it like part of the living room and letting people feel comfortable both mentally and physically. A self-contained cozy master bedroom at the second floor, it was created through the use of visual and focus-shifting effects, designer merged it with the semi-open function room, which not only the walk-in closet but also a study area. Colored hand printed wall covering as the backdrop of the master bed and the brass and texture decorated covering on cabinets resulted in a unique effect, and brought the taste and esteemed style to the room. The highlight at the first floor is the special semi-open bathroom design was adopted at the daughter suite, the sleeping area was connected with make-up area, glossy silver frame was used for decoration and lacy pattern wall paper sliding door with simple and elegant line was used as separation. The closing and opening of sliding door was flexible and could change the space into open or close structure at any time. With the overall luminous atmosphere and visual appearance of the space, the modification of the proportions, views, architectural detailing, and natural light are all sophisticatedly studied in the design. As such, notions of comfort and intimacy are naturally propagated from the decorative aspects of structure, design, fixtures and fittings, it letting the owner family’s member enjoy the harmonies, sense of natural flavor, convenient and comfortable living environment which given by the designer.

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