Project: "Bamboo Pavilion 2014"
Company:Rocco Design Architects Limited
Designer(s): Rocco Design Architects: Rocco Yim, Martin Fung, William Lee, Wallace Ho, Kevin Huang, Elisa Angeletti , Hong Kong
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The Pavilion is put together using traditional lashing techniques, and again serves as structure and spatial delineator at once. The rigidity of the bamboo is contrasted with the freedom of the design, which reads as three major planes at ground level, body height, and the sky, weaving together the natural and man-made elements of the GARDEN. Curved metal pieces protrude at the base to offer a seat to park visitors, who are even encouraged to climb on the sloping surfaces of the structure itself. Bamboo is an ideal material for poetic expressions. It is flexible and yet strong; it has an evocative power born of familiarity, particularly within the Chinese context; it is a natural product, and yet it behaves predictably; it can be quickly erected and disassembled or left standing permanently. The design of the Pavilion structure effectively unifies the human touch and the influence of nature in a poetic salute to the most basic arts of architecture.

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