Project: "Graceland Tablet Tour"
Company:Unified Field Inc.
Designer(s): Unified Field Staff - Marla Supnick: Principal in Charge Jeff Becker: Lead Engineer Maureen Lin: Lead Designer Quincy Bock: Associate Designer Tonian Irving: Project Lead and Producer , United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The Graceland Tablet Tour is among the first to use a Mobile Device (iPads) as a walk-around tool for tour visitors and the very first to leverage iBeacon technology as a robust content delivery system. This project was built to replace an audio tour that had been in place at Graceland for decades. In addition adding an interactive dimension to the Graceland tour, the application offers games and activities as well as opportunities for guests to dig deeper into Elvis-related content. Some examples include: QTVR images of every room in Graceland so guests can view the space from perspectives that are not permitted while on site, Elvis's home videos, and an "Elvis Yourself" interactive that invites guests take a photo of themsleves and see it superimposed onto the body of an Elvis character.

About the Designer/Company
Unified Field creates content-rich, experiential and interactive media for next-generation digital branding environments, multichannel media experiences and interactive exhibits. Our clients include major brands, museums, non-profit institutions and Fortune 100 corporations around the world. Over 20 years, Unified Field has forged new ground in applying media to create paradigm shifts in how we think about our world, and ourselves. Unified Field is dedicated to leveraging media, art, design and technology to reveal the unseen, helping to make connections between the curiosity of everyday people and the passion of seasoned experts. We see interactive media as a way to invoke a frame of mind that encourages exploration. Data can take on a personality, evoke emotions and provoke deeper thought. By transforming trepidation into curiosity, our projects invite conversation, play and even shifts in thinking. From the start, our work pioneered the field by pursuing a cross-disciplinary approach while engaging clients, respecting their uniqueness and examining their needs from a variety of angles. Our commitment to fostering a climate of collaboration continues today through the development of cutting-edge digital fabrication labs, where new ideas can be developed at the precise places where the physical and the virtual converge.