Project: "Svalbard Life"
Company:Arctic University of Norway
Designer(s): Rudi Caeyers, Norway
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: Coffee-table book about Svalbard archipelago. Svalbard Life takes readers on a unique journey to Svalbard, one of the last regions of genuine wilderness in Europe. Arctic and marine biologist Paul Wassmann together with the book’s designer and Arctic photographer Rudi Caeyers exemplify and illustrate life, change, and resilience in the archipelago by unifying informative text with lavish imagery in a way that is comprehensible and stimulating. The magnificent imagery will take your breath away! For many readers, this book will change their perception of life in the High North.

About the Designer/Company
Rudi Jozef Maria Caeyers is a photographer and graphic designer at the University of Tromsø. He has participated in a number of research expeditions to Svalbard and has received great acclaim for his photographs of the Arctic. Caeyers’ photographs have been displayed at a number of art exhibitions in his home country, Belgium, as well as in Norway and South Korea.