Project: "Tactica One"
Designer(s): Michael Chijoff Richard Benson Tom Burford-Orr Astrid Bonfante, Australia
Category: Home Interior Products, Professional
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Entry Description: Sick and tired of using sub-standard bottle openers for your premium drinking experience? The Tactica One is a precision bottle opening tool that reinvents the way people experience their premium beers, ciders and waters. Created to engage with the user from the moment they pick it up, the design innovations continue from there. The Tactica One is the world's first composite bottle opener and is made from a single high tech material typically used in aerospace and the military industries. Its unique design engages the user both visually and physically through its tactile surfaces. The composite material properties deliver exceptional functional performance in an ultra-lightweight form. Measuring in at a total length of 140mm the Tactica One is a compact package and perfect as part of your everyday carry.

About the Designer/Company
Mike is the founder of industrial design consultancy Chijoff+Co. He brings an extensive background covering areas of product design and development, design education through to production, supply chain and logistics. He is a strong believer in collaboration and works closely with clients, staff, suppliers and networks creating new thinking across a variety of industries. He has been awarded local and international awards for his designs and is actively engaged in promoting design. In short, Mike loves to build stuff, figure it out and make it work.