Project: "Spray the cup"
Company:Tehran university
Designer(s): Soroush Vahidian Kamyar, Navid Vahidian Kamyar, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Category: Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation, Student
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Entry Description: "Spray the cup" is a water dispenser which stops waste of huge number of disposable plastic cups by creating a nano layer on surface of used cup to prevent transmission of possible septic of past user each time after use and make the cup reusable. It uses a kind of waterproof Nano -coating which is sprayed on the cups via a spray. This spray coats both inside and outside of the cups. As a result user does not need to pick a new cup and then throw it away. By this method a cup can be used again and again. After drinking water he/ she have to put the cup back inside the dispenser for a new layering process which will be done by next user and this cycle will go on up to about 200 times and after that cups can be replaced thoroughly.

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