Project: "It's My Life"
Designer(s): FFunction, Canada
Category: Multimedia, Professional
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Entry Description: Although the Canadian Cancer Societyís annual statistics report is aimed at healthcare professionals, policy makers and researchers, the information it contains is also of interest to the media and the general public. In fact, the Cancer Society regularly gets inquiries about cancer statistics from these groups. FFunction came on board to communicate changes in cancer incidence, mortality and risk-factor prevalence in a way that would feel relevant to ordinary Canadians. Keeping in mind the need to match the level of detail in a data-viz to the target audience, our solution was a web-based interactive report featuring an easy-to-use design and plain, conversational language. The first Canadian tool of its kind, Itís My Life (itsmylife.cancer.ca)! allows users to learn about the impact of cancer. And, taking advantage of what only interactivity can provide, it offers individually tailored prevention suggestions based on a userís specific risk factors. Finally, it puts an emphasis on sharing user pledges via social media, in a bid to spread the empowering message that cancer often can be prevented. Analytics collected for a period of five days following the launch of the micro-site showed that users spent an average of 4:03 minutes navigating on the site. 34% of users were returning visitors and 30% pledged to change their lifestyle to prevent cancer. The tool registered a bounce rate of 26% (compared to 70% for the Canadian Cancer Societyís website). Itís My Life! also generated a substantial boost (20%) of social media shares.

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