Brigaderia Christmas Edition 2012

CompanyCasa Rex
ClientGustavo Piqueira
DesignerCreative director: Gustavo Piqueira, Samia Jacintho Design: Gustavo Piqueira, Samia Jacintho, Danilo Helvadjian Assistant designers: Ana Lobo, Marianne Meni
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

To develop the new series of Christmas packaging for Brigaderia, a Brazilian confectionery store specialized in "brigadeiro" sweets, we have moved away from the “traditional” aesthetic of the season — winter visuals and the classic red and white — and developed an identity which truly reflects Brazil's reality — a festive, colourful, summer Christmas experience. Playful collages of animals with musical instruments and santa claus hats "take the stage", bringing the christmas spirit through tropical citric colours and a wholesome pattern made of musical notes and brigadeiro sprinkles, in a unusual, but highly celebrative visual identity which brings the Christmas spirit closer to home. The collection is composed of carton presentation boxes that hold 6 to 12 brigadeiro sweets, paper gloves for panettones and plastic presentation bowls, stickers for individual packs, brigadeiro filled cosmetic tubes, mini glass jars and postal cards with commemorative wording for spreading the Christmas spirit.

About Designer

Casa Rex is a design house with operational bases in São Paulo and London. Working on a range of global projects for consumer brands at the same time as free experimentation with ideas, the design house can't-be-boxed in the traditional "agency" or "design studio" terms. To know more, please access: