OMNI- The modular wallet

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Omni is created with the notion of making customizable wallets for consumers. From the outward appearance to the inner compartments of the wallets, you have total free rein of what you want your trusty companion to be when you walked out that door. The concept was created for the idea of convenience: the quality of being suitable for anyone’s comfort, purposes and needs. We intend to accomplish exactly that, through the “Omni”, the wallet that evolves with you. The “Omni” utilizes a modular system. The wallet can be split into different modules but mainly consisting of the exterior “skin” of the wallet as well as the interior “compartments”. For the exterior, we would like to enable the pairing of the wallet with different wallets of distinctive designs even with contemporary references. For example, in the first concept sketch below: the skin is designed with influences from the movie “TRON: Legacy” with neon powder blue sketches and the modular locking system designed with the circular symbol featured in the movie. For the interior compartments, the compartments are divided to their specific uses. For example, if you are going on a formal occasion of business nature where there is a frequent exchange of cards, Module A+C will be an ideal combination. Just a day of sports and games with friends, then take Module C with you to that vending machine. Omni is THE wallet that is the hybrid of impeccable style and function. With the lifestyle of modern urbanites in mind as well as the increasingly emphasis on personal style and fashion, “Omni” is the statement you would love to show.