Traditional Residence

DesignerRichard Trimble
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Entry Description

Architecturally, the house has a Mediterranean feel with a mixture of furnishings, art and accessories that have French and Italian influences. The project has evolved over a few years as the family has occupied the house. Their request was to have a comfortable, livable house so the family could use all areas of the home. We selected classical style upholstery pieces that were well constructed and would hold up with teenagers and dogs. The homeowners had a love and appreciation for high quality antiques. Case pieces as well as accessories lend a collected look to the home. Touches of Oriental accessories add interest for an eclectic mix. There is a flow from room to room playing off warm terracotta, cobalt blues and yellows throughout the house. We used a pale yellow ground with stain rubbed into the plaster. Custom chestnut paneling was added to the Library and concealed a hidden gun cabinet. The ceiling was treated with beams and Lincrusta paper that was finished to look like leather. The original mantles were replaced with antique marble mantles. Antique chandeliers replaced the standard fixtures within the home. The clients were very receptive to our ideas and are enjoying the livable but elegant home.