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This case used the design of wooden base and a clear gray quartz walls. Gray marble table could balance the color and emphasize the characteristics of different regions. And we use the factors rough with the smooth; warm with the cold, which are the contrast materials to result in a balance of tension. On the other hand, this is a long-space design in order to highlight the tension and the store could get the expanded visual effects. Especially the uneven quartz walls could match to the light and extending the wooden line, making a extended sight from the entrance all the way to the bottom and creating a space level. Wood factor could make a feeling of warm atmospheres and it makes the restaurant back to the original flavor so that the chef here could make the most heart-warming food.

About Designer

Brand concept derived from the design theme, manufacturing unique personality exclusive space! Emphasizes shaped random energy, building structure and environment series context attributes, For space's unique preferences and habits, Through mediums characteristics, Subversion of standard pattern of thinking, interpersonal interaction between the construction of the most suitable and comfortable space, Then the most appropriate part, integrate the blueprint in their hearts, So that the final implementation presented living space as reflected in its people.