Project: "The Hilhaven Lodge"
Company:forceMAJEURE Design
Designer(s): forceMAJEURE Design CREDITS: Creative Director: JB Hartford Art Director: Alex Boulware Senior Designer: Kyle Wessel Client Service Director: Megan Bradley , United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The Hilhaven Lodge blended American whiskey was brought to life with collaboration between Diageo, Brett Ratner and forceMAJEURE. It is a spirit with a unique story embodying Hollywood’s heyday, the glamour of the silver screen, and the iconic characters that reflect an era of fun and a sense of anything’s possible. Our challenge was to create a living representation of this legendary piece of history by delivering a connection to the past through a new bottle and label that echoes with stories of The Lodge’s history. The negative space that creates the H between the labels is a reference to the famous photo booth where guests recorded their visits. The H icon is prominent not only on the bottle and in a metallic inlay in the wooden stopper, but is also leveraged across the branded materials that complement and complete the brand experience.

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