Project: "WOLKE 7 CLOUD 9"
Company:sha. Holding GmbH
Designer(s): sha., Austria
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: THE INSPIRATION: The increasing speed of our lives, the constant upheaval and pressure to perform, makes many of us wish more and more for the chance to slow down and experience a little calm. Changing professional and recreational spheres require new possibilities and new rituals to help balance body and mind. In the midst of our high-performance society we humans are developing an archaic yearning for »deceleration«. THE CONCEPT: The artist, designer and perception researcher sha. has found a solution to this growing need for balance in WOLKE 7 CLOUD 9. As an alternative to the »faster-higher-stronger« trend sha. offers something more authentic, something designed for the human senses - something deeper. The mental/physical effect stems from a special combination of interior elements, centered on a relaxation landscape in the form of a cloud. WOLKE 7 CLOUD 9 is a holistic space-art-work, delivered and installed on location as a complete spatial solution. The swinging relaxation sculpture, the skylike roof, the cloud of sound, the spectral illumination and the spatial decor (soft floor covering and 3-D wall coating) all work together to create a composed, multisensory interior unity. THE EFFECT: WOLKE 7 CLOUD 9 creates a broad spectrum of effects, ranging from a sensation of weightlessness to embryonic feelings and inspiring flights of imagination. Even a beginner can reach a condition of deep relaxation in a short time, reenergizing body and soul. THE CONTEXT: With the motto »The true luxury of today is time and space in abundance«, sha. offers an alternative to the materially oriented definition of the word luxury. WOLKE 7 CLOUD 9 is available as a limited interior edition, restricted to 111 locations around the world. Each installation is unique and hand-signed by sha., guaranteeing the very highest quality at carefully selected locations and sustained value appreciation.

About the Designer/Company
For over ten years the Vienna artist and perception researcher sha. has been developing holistic »spatial art works«, speaking to people through all their senses. sha., who studied composition, computer music and electroacoustics at the Vienna College of Music and at the Centre Pompidou Paris, sees the medium of sound as the aesthetic starting point for his concepts. Today he concentrates his energies on the development of multisensory, multidimensional projects to connect the senses and thus open up synaesthetic fields of perception: color, light, form, haptics, warmth, aroma and even architecture are made to »vibrate« through sound. In recent years, this unification of the senses in a complete experience has resulted in a intercontextual, format-transcending oeuvre of immersive art. In his projects, sha. creates new relationships between art, research and business. The range is broad: among his projects are the Haus der Musik in Vienna, the futuristic Red Bull Hangar 7 at Salzburg Airport and the long-established Caracalla Therme in Baden-Baden, works of art in public spaces and in international museums such as the Centre Pompidou and the Guggenheim Bilbao as well as cooperations with ORF, ARTE BBC and André Heller. The first project to attract wider attention was the AlphaSphere, designed originally by sha. as a work of art, not intended for a particular use or market – but because of its unique effects has come to be used in a wide variety of contexts and settings, from private loft to public museum, from spa to clinic and therapy practice, from the office – even to the church.