Project: "LOVE LETTER"
Company:China University of Technology
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Entry Description: What kind of context would be recognised significantly by potential consumers and be kept in their mind when environmentally friendly consumption and a green living are what we pursuit? To answer this question from a perspective of communications design, we identify this context as an intimate relationship. Love, is the only and ultimate reason that we keep that significant other in mind every hour. Love drives us to make promises into actions. We take Green at Heart as the best lover to consumers. He takes care of the most private and hidden part of our everyday life. He accompanies us on either a day or a year, in our lonely, spinning worlds. We understand that every word or letter that comes from the one you love is like a commitment for love, or even a perfect vision for your future. We want to show a very different world of organic life and love; therefore, through the love letter we deconstruct, reform, and visualize the Chinese characters and the seals we often use in the Chinese painting. We believe green environmental protection is like a couple who are madly in love. As long as people have a same believe, they naturally will know what they want without saying a word.

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