Project: "Aman 19"
Company:Ward + Blake Architects
Designer(s): Ward + Blake Architects, United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: A series of hipped roof pavilions cascade down the sloping site around a central “Zen like” courtyard to integrate this residence seamlessly in its environment. Each pavilion is linked by a sod roofed corridor that is opened to the central courtyard to create an outdoor-like experience as you move through the house. Each room has beautifully framed views that enhance the destination and uniqueness to each part of the house. A series of carefully placed portals invite the occupant to each wing of the house and create a sense of exploration as the goals at the end of each path reveal themselves. Exquisitely detailed with natural materials, this residence creates certain majesty with a very intimate human scale while blurring the lines between interior and exterior space to give the occupant a direct yet comfortable experience with nature. The house is super insulated, has high performance glass, and a groundsource heat pump.

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