Project: "WPP Residence"
Company:Ward + Blake Architects
Designer(s): Ward + Blake Architects, United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Located on the side of a Butte in the valley floor of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this private residence has a commanding view of the surrounding mountains. It is designed to fit seemlessly into the hillside with low pitched sod roofs rising to the view corridor and projecting beyond the house to capture exterior space as well as for solar protection. It is purposefully set into the contours with the plan conforming to the slope to reduce disturbance to the existing site. The use of stone and weathered cedar siding reduce maintenance and the super insulation package with triple pane windows provides a superior building envelope. Carefully zoned for public/ private spaces the plan flows freely to give the occupants changing view vignettes with large glass openings that connect the house with nature as well as providing passive solar assistance to the mechanical system.

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