Metal coding

Lead DesignerYoko Kakuchi
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Prize(s)2nd Place in Accessory / Jewelry
Entry Description

“Metal Coding” was created by Tokyo-based Jewelry designer Yoko Kakuchi. She has run MOMOKAMEI, a jewelry brand that was launched in 2014. The brand uses both 3D technologies and time-honored jewelry techniques to give birth to unique items, inspired by her twin daughters, Momoka and Mei.

Based on the brand’s philosophy of “to play with form”, the designer focuses on transforming things that we take for granted into contemporary art piece.

“Metal Coding” is comprised of 5 different symbols that are often used in coding scripts where those characters are placed to navigate logical computational flows. In contrast to its original usage, the designer attaches something vibrant and colorful to those characters and releases them into our real life from digitized world.

Those items are available in 10k/18k and those surface use mixture of polishing to give different reflection of lights in various occasion.