A matter of tactility

Lead DesignerSofie Di Bartolomeo
Prize(s)1st Place in Textile and Materials
Entry Description

A matter of tactility is based on a low-tech approach to stimulate an interaction with the body through the sense of touch. The project has been developed exploring new possibilities of tactile expression through coating techniques, in order to change the tactile properties of the base textile to bring another dimension of experience, related to touch, in the textile design field.
The five realized textiles are characterized by unique sensations upon touch. The spiky one triggers circulation, the sticky one creates resistance, the tender one inspires intimacy, the soft one gives comfort. The one with negative space in between the lines creates a path for the fingers to relieve the stress. These textiles have been applied on the body, to express their potentiality in a wearable context. To show that clothing can be experienced not only in terms of function or aesthetic but also to stimulate unexpected sensations.


I am fascinated by materials and contrasts, by the texture of a surface, by the skin of the design. As a designer, I like everything that can be improved, discovered. I like the use of new technologies for the unconventional fields of the design, especially 3D printing. As a textile designer, I like to work on the body, to improve its functionality but also it's aesthetic and it's feeling. While as an industrial designer I like to work for the user experience, play with the materials and the shapes.