Gentry Blue

Lead DesignerYu-Lun Chang
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

On the basis of painting in blue, the design has applied the characteristics of glass-iron works and plants that bring into existence a delicate and bright living space. The screen, at the entranceway, is decorated with grey glass. At the same area, the showcase, in dark blue, brings into existence the refined atmosphere as well. To isolate the cold atmosphere brought by blue, the designer have the study room at the back of the living room placed with a plant, called silvery messerschmidia, so that the study room is spilled with the greenery element neutralizing the entire indoor space. To create a public and well-organized space, the designer has applied a number of grey glass and iron works mainly for segregations. The geometric patterns, composed of grilles, round dining table and circular lightings, have become an intriguing part of the space.