Chinese furniture with feng shui layout of the interior design

CompanyBoss Design Ltd
Lead DesignerDaniel Wong
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Chinese culture advocates the doctrine of the mean, everything stresses yin and yang reconciliation, mutual balance, that is, between people should pay attention to harmonious relationship. Customers understand this road, determined to make the next floor into a banquet club, feast friends and relatives.
Designers use Chinese TV short cabinets to separate the dining room, admire the dining room in the dining room or in the living room banquet, you can see the Hong Kong Island bustling beauty of the Victoria Harbor. The feeling of the dining room is consistent with the use of high-grade leather and a small amount of rose gold with a large number of wood effect to achieve high-level Chinese effect, and outside the window skyscrapers in the twenty-first century to form a strong contrast. The key to placing furniture in the living room is how to place three large Lohan beds; one of them is set against the wall - a sense of security with "backing". Luo Han bed of the back of the middle of the overlay printed on the Chinese painting "Qingming River" wallpaper, decorated with two sides of the pattern with a decorative pattern of wooden finishes, rich visual scene, sitting on the bed of the Lohan looking out the window of the Harbor Scenery, really have "the world" feeling ah!