Luminno Glowaswitch Luminescent Light Switch Plate

CompanyMetaform Product Development
Lead DesignerDavid Shaw
Design TeamDavid Shaw, Jane Kuo Shaw
Prize(s)1st Place in Illumination / Hotel & Guest Room Lighting Products
Entry Description

LUMINNO GlowaSwitch is a patented light switch plate that uses a state-of-the-art photoluminescent material to glow all night long making locating light switches in the dark effortless and safer. Each plate is paired with a fire retardant foam gasket sealer that insulates the switch hole from air draft to help conserve energy. A convex form makes it visible from afar at any angle. Because the glow material charges with natural and artificial light, it uses no electricity, requires no wiring, and consumes no energy at all. It reinvents and upgrades the century-old ubiquitous light switch plate.


David Shaw is the Founder and Director of Metaform Product Development, an award-winning product innovation, industrial design, and manufacturing liaison company based in San Francisco, California USA dedicated to creatively optimizing the value, function, and appeal of products and inventions.

David is also the Founder and Co-inventor at LUMINNO, a distinctive brand of quality decor, safety, and wayfinding products combining advanced luminescent technology with innovative design.

Awards and Prize

US and EU Patents
Good Design Award | Chicago Athenaeum
CES Innovations Design + Engineering Award for Eco-Design
BusinessWeek / IDSA IDEA Industrial Design Excellence Award
IDSA SF Bay Area's Best
ID Magazine Annual Design Review
International Designer's Choice Mark
Modern Plastics Consumer Design Award, Grand Prize
US Olympic Committee Sports Equipment Technology Design Award
USOC Contribution Commendation
DemoMobile DemoGods Award
Wi-Fi Planet Best of Show
Red Herring Top 100 Innovators
International Toy Fair Golden Toy Awards
Action Toy Review Action Toy of the Year
2006 Daab Young Designers Americas
2008 Inc. Magazine 7 New Tech Marvels, Inc. 5000
2011 IBM SmartCamp Finalist, People's Vote Award

Prototype to Product Exhibition, SFO Airport Museums 2007-2008
CES Innovations Showcase 2007
Points of View - Perspectives of the ID Profession 2006
Vision to Reality curated by A. Betsky of SFMoMA 1999
New Century Design Exhibition China 1998
West Coast Design Exhibition SFO Airport 1991