Skygarden House

CompanyDubbeldam Architecture + Design
Lead DesignerHeather Dubbeldam
Design TeamHeather Dubbeldam, Jacob Jebailey, Suzanna Macdonald, Oliver Dang, Amber Baechler, Derek Chaves
CreditsPhotos by Shai Gil
Prize(s)1st Place in Interior Design / Sustainable Living/Green
Entry Description

Situated on a narrow lot in an old neighbourhood, the Skygarden House provides outdoor living spaces on multiple levels to address the owners’ desire for a better connection to their natural surroundings. The complete overhaul of the house resulted in a significant reduction in its ecological footprint. To achieve the most efficient methods of heating, cooling and lighting while minimizing costs, the mechanical and electrical systems are integrated with passive design strategies. The “skygarden” next to the master suite functions as a unique outdoor room, open to the sky, sun, wind and stars.