Licht Verdicht (Light(ly) Compressed)

CompanyYurr studio
Lead DesignerYurr Rozenberg, Rob van Berkel
Design TeamRob van Berkel, Jake van Dijk, Yurr Rozenberg
ClientBNA (Dutch Architects industry organisation)
Prize(s)3rd Place in Print / Books
Entry Description

Because more people like to live in Rotterdam, the city is getting very compressed. In this book, 7 teams researched uptopping possibilities in the city. Uptopping means building houses on top of existing old post war buildings. The book consists of uptopped pages and was OTAstar binded with ABBA/ZAPPA sections. 6 different kinds of paper and 5 fonts were used. The hardcover is made from cardboard and was glued on after the actual book was finished.

Client quote: �With Yurr we have been able to create a beautiful book that shows the layers of stacking that this project is all about."