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Kindai University Academic Theater

CompanyFumiaki Hatakeyama, Toshinori Oka, Yuya Ito / NTT Facilities,INC.
Lead DesignersFumiaki Hatakeyama
Design TeamFumiaki Hatakeyama, Toshinori Oka, Yuya Ito
Project LocationOsaka
ClientKindai University
CreditsPhoto by SSosaka
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Mix - Use Architectural designs
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Entry Description

The university campus complex project design is actually a project between urban planning and architecture design.Four tower volumes, which are distinguished from each other in order to respond thedifferent environment, are placed at each corner of the site.The fifth volume is composed by many liner spaces twist together to link them.We gave function of library to the cross spaces of the liner spaces, the rest parts are gardens. Between the library spaces, there are project rooms named ACT. By replicating and sequencing ACT + books + nature, the complex gained the migration and eternity.