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OVVO Optics Diamond-like Carbon Collection

CompanyOVVO Optics
Lead DesignersMargareta Augustyn
Design TeamArtur Pilat, TX Design of OVVO Optics, LLC.
Prize(s)Silver in Accessory / Accessories ( Eyewear, watches, gloves, Hat, Belts
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Entry Description

Diamond-like Carbon collection
Engineered for Performance at an Atomic
Used in high-performance industries from auto racing to aeronautics, Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) is synthesized by decomposing hydrocarbon gases to stack individual atoms in a carbon film that exceeds the mechanical properties of diamond. This film is thinner than paper, harder than diamond, and stronger than steel. By applying the DLC nanotechnology to our surgical steel & titanium composite eyewear, we’ve achieved even more durability and unprecedented scratchproof characteristics of nature’s rarest gemstones.