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A Futuristic Eden

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Interior Design / Commercial
Entry Description

A Futuristic Eden (UA KK Mall Shenzhen)

Symbolizing the Birth of a New Era in Cinema Design for this 21st Century City, UA KK Mall Shenzhen is a youthful dynamic environment which is sophisticated on an international level with a futuristic outlook in style whilst providing an exciting, hip and sensual spatial experience for all movie-goers who are ready for the future in entertainment, design & lifestyle.

The UA Cinema is like “A Futuristic Eden” that symbolizes the most sophisticated and very best of future urban living, all in a city going through its most profound transformations for the 21st Century.

The New UA KK Mall Shenzhen is a Glamour Garden created in an abstract landscape filled with sensual forms that allude to seductive elements from one of the most famous myths of all time – the Garden of Eden. With its creation based on Parametric & Organic design concepts, UA KK Mall Shenzhen is a Futuristic Eden that no one has ever experienced before in Asia or beyond.

Entering below the apple boughs, one is surrounded by the reflections coming from the Giant UA Shenzhen Logo made of diamonds on the left. Whilst in the center is the Crocodile Box Office with the Pink Pink Bar (Concession Bar) on the right, setting the ambience of this futuristic cinema which is decadent & innovative; resplendent & exciting all at the same time!

The biggest attraction at UA KK Mall Shenzhen undoubtedly is the exclusive IMAX Theatre, the Butterfly IMAX - in Blue with Giant Butterfly Patterns that truly excites the senses.

Outside the IMAX is another hotspot called Deep Chrysalis that alludes to the biological stage & form of butterflies before their stunning transformations.

The other Cinema Houses are no less dramatic in design. With walls featuring bold and sensual patterns that allude to the human male and female bodies, one of these typical houses is called ‘Adam & Eve’ - definitely anything but typical in concept or design.

The rest of the common areas are created to evoke a sense of primal beauty in nature – Anaconda Tunnel – one of the key features within the main circulation of UA KK Mall Shenzhen. The Red and Purple coloured ceiling is decorated with glass panels with giant snakeskin patterns and set against walls of black glass on either side, creating a mysterious & seductive journey deep into the cinema complex.

One of the highlights of UA KK Mall Shenzhen is the main café that is a Glamour Garden of the future called Café Eden with a living wall lined with ferns and greeneries as a backdrop to cybernetic ‘white ribbons’ that function as table tops for guests and movie stars alike. A perfect venue to hold glamorous functions like Movie Premieres and product launches, this café will prove to be a favourite spot for the Media and their camera crews to catch the biggest stars on film. Giant Crystal Tear-drops as chandeliers and more Orchid Chairs inspired by Jordan Mozer fill the space with a truly organic yet sophisticated look.

Another popular hotspot is the VIPER Lounge – a VIP Lounge which allows special VIP Guests to relax before enjoying the show. With walls lined in metallic snake's skin & leather, this luxury lounge is impressive and decadent enough to pamper the most exclusive guests at UA KK Mall Shenzhen.

For the Serpentine House – a VIP Cinema House next door, the giant wall patterns consists of the most famous animal character in the story of Eden–the Sensual Serpent.

Named as Orchid Powder Rooms, the UA KK Mall Shenzhen features one of the most innovative designs for male and female restrooms at any cinemas within Asia. Inspired by the designs of Italian Futurist Umberto Boccioni as well as the avant-garde designs of Zaha Hadid, these black and white shiny restrooms also display clusters of ‘butterfly’ orchids (phalaenopsis) that will beautify the facility in the most elegant way.

The Revolutionary design of UA KK Mall Shenzhen creates a WOW Factor, accentuating a point of difference within the market, establishing UA of KK Mall’s market presence in Shenzhen and at the same time redefines the future of movie entertainment.


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