T.H.A.O. Tea Company

Lead DesignerThuy Ha
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

THAO Tea Company provides loose leaf teas with superior taste and aroma without sacrificing healing properties and organic ingredients. They want customers to have the best tasting and most aromatic teas without the addition of unnecessary harsh chemicals, artificial flavors, GMOs, or fillers.

THAO Tea wanted to reach a young audience and to inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle through tea drinking. Our goal was to create a website that would be appealing to consumers ages 16-40. We wanted them to feel that tea drinking is hip and is not only reserved for older generations. The brand was to exude fun and vibrant qualities that would get people excited about tea.

We selected a color palette that included hot pink, black, and white, which is unexpected for tea brands. We made sure to add a lot of visual interest to the site through the use of vivid photography, custom icons and a parallax scrolling effect. The use of blocky type added to the modern appeal of the site.

The end result is a unique brand image that is unexpected for tea brands, and will hopefully encourage younger generations to view tea drinking in a different light. Our goal is to help THAO Tea Company become successful in the marketplace and to inspire everyone to adopt healthier lifestyles. We hope that we were able to take a small part in this through our designs.