Chatting with ART

Lead DesignerKelvin Mui
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

How would it feel like to be living and breathing with art? How would it feel be able to share your favourite pieces and invite your guests to meander through the collection in the comfort of your own home? As an art collector, the client wished for his passion to be merged into his niche. The client requested for a space where he may share his personal favourites, with his favourites.

The concept for Mr. Chiu’s place at The Peak West was to seamlessly merge art with his living quarters. Since the focus was to highlight each piece without disturbing the others, the approach had to be done with individualism and homogeneity in mind. Art pieces were placed mindfully, establishing framed perspectives within the home.

By integrating art piece into his home, every single piece of art needed space to speak for itself. Therefore the material palette cannot overwhelm the art collection. The space was sub-divided by large partition, which could easily accommodate art piece much like a gallery with clean off-white finishes. Natural ash wood flooring with various wood patterns was chosen to bring in warmth to the living space. This was used throughout the space to emphasize continuity and homogeneity.

The layout of Mr. Chiu’s residency has become a unique space through the integration concept by merging the art gallery and dining area, the home office and personal space, uniformly into one comfortable area. Mr. Chiu’s home became a place for gatherings, for sharing, for working and for relaxing. His dwelling has become a space to bond with his friends, relatives and business partners, while proudly displaying his precious collectables.