Casa "torre" ... a space that embraces the sensuality

Lead DesignerAlessandro Marchelli
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The work stands as restructuring and recovery of a second floor and attic, located in a building of the '700, patrimony UNESCO.
The entire project concept has been developed, trying to satisfy the background and needs of the customer, combining the functionality of the spaces with the aesthetics and mixing heat in silence sophisticated of color.
Every element has been designed and shaped to make this unique house, from the stair "helicoidal-linear" self-supporting, suspended in the ether, made by masters of wrought iron in version high-tech, mixed with the art of the Masters of the resin creating a visual effect with unparalleled lighting hidden in the handrail, to living area with fireplace convex flush with the wall and backlit, restoration and total recovery of the ceiling with wooden warping '700, from cabinet makers mixed with plaster works.
An unconventional structure that brings at the attic... A view at breakneck speed of the sky line on two windows along the bottom of the living great they offer to the eye la big "tower" of the historic center.
The space is a mix of sensations created by lights, light colors, white and gray soft that blend with the interior design, curtains, shades and perfect light strands that leave open of the imagination to the eyes and emotions. A sliding door a mirrors by access to 'open space of the master bedroom with spa area overlooking directly outdoor with a large window
The house is much more than just a space, but it is a place with its own life and its own memory, an attractive blend of sensation, of habits, of discoveries, which result in sophisticated earners tactile, sensitive, visual, olfactory, as tiny and sophisticated mechanisms of communication between people who live here and the objects and architecture who create it.


Alessandro Marchelli, Chief Designer

Interior and Industrial Designer, Art Director, consultant in public and private fields, specialized in Brand Vision, Management, Concept Design, Design Development.

From 1990, founder and director of the design company AM+D - Alessandro Marchelli + Designers
an international and multicultural company, focused on sensory interior architecture and creative and experimental design.
Philosophy Of The Company:
With its unconventional inventiveness, the AM+D - Alessandro Marchelli + Designers company creates atmospheres, situations and feelings sometimes with a provocative attitude and in contrast with the outside world, not for a taste for going in the opposite direction but aiming at producing long-lasting sensations and emotional suggestions.

• His projects of interior, contract, industrial and exhibit design, graphics and communication show the “exhaltation of the senses” which always pervades his acts and his ideas, focused on bringing design to the heart, the eyes and the mind of everyone.

Characterized by winding and rounded shapes, his design goes provocatively against minimalism, models, research continues in the contemporary world, and in the ongoing merger between wonder and convenience

o "... Let yourself be driven in a dream, where light is the essence of your senses and emotions.
o Be amazed by a gesture, fall in love every moment, appreciate the mix of sound and silence, curves and waves, light and shadow, solid parts and empty spaces, colors and non-colors, transparency and opalescence, not for fun but as a true lifestyle.
o A new point of view focused on the world of senses, free from traditional constraints, adjusted to complex simplification and targeted to the exaltation of sensations”

In his career he signed several projects of interior design and fitting-out for both domestic and work environments. He designed industrial design objects for major Italian companies and his interior design projects have often been published on magazines related to design and interior architecture.

Studying and striving for perfection are the essential requirements of the philosophy of the company, the base to find innovative solutions and create spaces that with their uniqueness and charm can give shape to the customer's passions, by modeling the environment with inventiveness.
He is aware of the need to highlight the potential of every project to provide the greatest livability together with a new and customized aesthetic quality.

Translating imagination into reality: this is our art and our way of thinking