Lead DesignerMinarc
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

On the Euclid project, Minarc focuses on a couple of main concepts: sustainability, color, and space. Our green practices and selection of sustainable products do not raise the cost of a house. We believe that building repurposed with recycled and reclaimed material should not be more expensive for our clients. Throughout this house, we recycled, repurposed, and reused to its extent. One of the main recycled features is the recycled rubber material used for the bathroom sinks. The use of recycled tires is evident on the kitchen and juice bar cabinetry along with the use of cork. There was a conscious effort in using only materials in their most organic form-no paint, no tile, no carpet. 90% of the furnishings are reused. Sustainability went beyond what materials were used in this project. Design elements are oriented to take optimum advantage of natural light and cross ventilation, while there is a maximum use of natural light to cut down the electrical cost. One feature where natural ventilation comes into play is with the interior/exterior courtyards and the master and living room sliders. Sustainable heating is also introduced through radiant floor heating and domestic water heating throughout the house.

The design and use of color is inspired by dramatic landscapes to create contrasting stimulating interiors. The orange (volcanic) creates a multi-functional gathering point in the heart of the house. The swimming pool has a blue lagoon color and the cabinets are the colors of glaciers and lava. The upstairs bookshelf functions as railings/barriers between floor plans and evocates the glaciers by using white corian panelize.

As designers, function and space are always important factors in creating a well-defined, and inhabitable space. The heated patio and fireplace for outdoor dining maximizes indoor/outdoor living while the river rocks in the exterior courtyard provide for a soothing ambiance. The courtyard veranda and hammock chairs off the playroom further connects the indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, floor material is connected in an unobtrusive and whimsical manner to increase the flow and space of the home. To maximize the use of space, the “disappearing” kitchen chairs are easily stored under the island. Also, the console behind the master bed provides storage, while the black (lava-like) shoe storage drawers beneath the coat closet doubles as a bench for changing shoes.

Minarc’s interest in simple eco-conscious design focuses on functionality and creating a healthy breathing family environment. mnmMOD helped us do just that with the Euclid House. mnmMOD is a new sustainable construction technique developed by Minarc. It is a panelized building system that introduced the economy and waste-reduction of pre-fab. As it yields ‘net-zero’ efficiency, it also allows for a reduction of manpower during construction. Builders also benefit from rapid construction that replaces standard wood frame building techniques.


Minarc, located in Santa Monica, CA, was established by Erla Dögg and Tryggvi in 1999. The work of their practice ranges from small-scale renovations to new construction, in residential, commercial and public settings. Each project shares an emphasis on the blurring of distinction between interior and exterior spaces through the exploitation of natural light, creation of outdoor living rooms, and artistically framed views of nature.